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A fuel injector has 12V + at all times when the vehicles ignition is turned on . The vehicles ECU (Electronic Control Module) then triggers ground pulse signals to actuate the internal magnetic coil which then lifts the internal pintle to be lifted of its seat allowing the pressurized fuel to spray into the intake chamber.

When we attach the our device inline with the fuel injectors what we are actually doing is allowing the first ground signal from the E.C.M. to pass through the circuit board to the fuel injectors, then in micro-seconds we tag that signal and give an additional pulse.

The amount of extra duty cycle or (fuel injector on time) that we give is controlled by the micro chip on the circuit board. The circuit board actually triggers an additional ground signal that then actuates the fuel injector a second time. The waveform pattern would look same only smaller than the original signal.

An automotive Engineer would see two inductive fuel injector waveform spikes on an oscilloscope. Waveform A in the photo below would be the original wave form pattern the original stock E.C.M. and the second waveform pattern would be ground pulse generated by the White Lightning Flex Fuel Conversion System. Every OBD 2 computer has the ability to adjust for rich conditions created by our device when using gasoline. Waveform B in the Photo below is an original unmodified example of a fuel injector without a Conversion system installed.

The second pulse would be a percentage of the first original signal. Our circuit board is essentially a ground signal generator triggered by the reference pulses from the ECU to the fuel injector. the samples of our circuit board are a 4 channel board with one ground pulse input from vehicles ECU and one ground pulse output to the fuel injector. Our power to the board is supplied by only one of the constant power wires to the first fuel injector. Our ground to the board is supplied from battery - cable or engine ground.

Our conversion kit is automatic and can be used for gasoline or e85 or mix with both at any mixture level.

We only provide multi injector system. We do not support mono injection system. We provide Bosch EV1, Bosch EV6, Toyota, GM Delphi, Nippon Denso and Honda connector. Please check your connector type before placing the order and you have to inform us your connector type so we can assembly the correct connector prior to shipment.

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