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All of our items are located in the U.S.A. and will be shipped from the U.S.A. We stock at least 300 of every bulb type and color, so your item ships FAST. Watch out for other sellers selling similar product having them drop shipped from China. This can cause shipping delays, and if you ever had a warranty issue it would cost more in shipping it back than the item was purchased for originally. We are a BRICK & MORTAR business with an actual store and retail location here in the United States unlike a lot of other sellers. When you make a purchase from us, you actually get a real invoice and real customer receipt, that of which can help you keep up with your warranty time frame, and purchase as a whole. Also provided with your item will be our customer service phone number, so you can call and speak with a human if you have any issues. None of that online/email only stuff as we want you to feel comfortable with your transaction and come back to us for future HID needs. If you buy from us you can be reassured that we are not going anywhere and that we will service your warranty 100%! NOTE TO ALL, please be careful of other HID sellers who state "you must upgrade your fuses to 30amp units for their kits to work". These will most likely fry your OEM wiring. Our kits do not require 30amp fuses. We will tell you that we strongly suggest a relay harness with each install to get the most life/brightness out of your kit. After being in the industry for nearly 8 years we have our fair share of installs of every brand HID Kit on the market.We can tell you that when you upgrade to a relay harness you get 3X the life out of your ballast and you take any strain off of your OEM harness/fuses and put it on the relay harness. We do offer these for $19.75 with the purchase of a kit(payment is added in the +/- section during checkout) and sale them for $25.00 if your looking to upgrade an existing kit purchased else where. All of the install shops/dealers that we service as well as our selves always use a relay harness for a peace of mind install. The only reason we are not able to provide them for free is because we actually have $19.75 in each relay harness. They are made here in the USA and use only the best electrical parts. Again, it is your choice if you upgrade to a relay harness and will only give you the most out of your purchase with peace of mind. They take less than 10 minutes to install and are still a Plug & Play setup with NO splicing of wires and NO chopping or cutting. All items we sale are designed to replace your OEM items easily, and give you the option to put your OEM items back on with no issues if you ever trade in or sell your vehicle. Also beware of other sellers that offer a "free wiring harness" as this is not the same as a relay harness. It is only the power feed setup for the ballasts, and all HID Kits have to come with this to be Plug & Play. Find another dealer that will lay down the real hardcore facts!
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