Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

You’ve spent weeks cataloging, pricing and taking pictures of all your automotive parts and then spent even more time setting up your online store on a major bidding site. Your online store launches, sales start coming in, and now you’re shipping auto parts across the world. It looks like all your “sweat-equity” is finally going to pay off. But then you receive your first payment, only to notice that the major online bidding site has taken a sizable chunk of your profits.


Frustrating, right? You’re not alone.

In 2010, Ahwooga founder, Joe Chirco, experienced this first-hand. Sales at his online automotive store were strong, but the major online bidding site was cutting into his profits due to expensive seller fees. Joe called the major bidding site for an explanation, but was told: “If you don’t like our policies, please feel free to start your own online marketplace.” Joe decided to take their advice.


Thus Ahwooga.com was born…but what is it?

The sound “ahwooga” comes from the car horn battle cry of the late-20s Ford Model A, commonly heard on city streets and country roads across a pre-WWII America. It was a recognizable sound that told people “I’m here, coming through”. Much like the innovations Ford Motors made with the Model A, after retiring the Model T, we at Ahwooga have rebuilt our original website to be an innovator in the online automotive marketplace.


The driving force behind Ahwooga is knowing what our users want in an online automotive marketplace - the ability to buy and sell new and aftermarket automotive parts for FREE without bidding or annoying fees. Our philosophy is “keepin' it simple” and you'll see why when you check out our user-friendly online marketplace that’s easy to navigate for both buyers and sellers.


Check out what makes Ahwooga unique:

Sellers: Unlike other online marketplaces that charge you outrageous fees, on Ahwooga it's ALWAYS 100% FREE to sell. No matter what there is never any cost for listing and selling your parts. You just list your items, we bring you buyers, and then you ship. We keep it simple, now that’s Ahwooga! In addition, sellers have the freedom to manage and prominently feature items at the top of their online “garages” as well. We also give sellers and buyers the ability to post their items to Facebook and/or Twitter for more exposure.


Buyers: Ahwooga features a secure online environment that helps facilitate the relationship between buyers and sellers, allowing buyers to shop with confidence. Buyers can also connect with other members, rate sellers, and post their buying experience on our Facebook page and Twitter feed…and of course, there’s never a membership fee. 


No matter what you’re into, Ahwooga has something for everyone. Our sellers list a wide variety of car and truck parts, vintage auto parts, motorcycle parts, boat and watercraft parts, RV and trailer parts, aviation parts and more. If you're looking for a place to buy or sell automotive related goods in a secure, friendly environment, you found it. 


Ahwooga – Your Automotive Marketplace