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Shadow Photography & Graphite Drawings Hello, and thank you for visiting my Garage. My name is Peter Piatt, I am a gallery exhibited Fine Art photographer, traditional graphite pencil & charcoal sketch artist, 3D modeler, and sculptural /architectural component designer. Here on AHWOOGA is currently a small collection of my automotive art that I have available for sale. More to come soon. My appreciation and enthusiasm for automotive art began in automotive class in high school where at 16 I bought my first car (1967 Falcon) and immediately started to modify the motor and bodywork for street racing. It was also then that my drawing skills improved. I earned my mechanic certifications and worked as a mechanic for 15 years right out of high school. As a teenager and armature photographer, I would go to car shows and photograph the beauty of what others had created for inspiration. I started college at 35 and earned a BFA in art with emphasis in photography and my fascination towards automotive art sparked once more and I now travel throughout California north state and Reno’s Hot August Nights events following and photographing car show events. I then use my photographs to create unique photo composites or use them as references for my drawings. Thank you for dropping by my garage and viewing my artwork. Please contact me for more print options and sizes if you desire. A full collection of my artwork and print options can be seen at <a href="" target="_blank">Shadow Photography and Graphite Drawings</a>

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